Create an account profile

You should set up your account profile so that it appears in search results for eHive collections. Even if you don't intend to publish any object records, creating a profile on eHive is a great way to promote awareness of your organisation or collection.

What your profile can include

Your account profile can include:

  • Images

  • A description

  • Collection strengths

  • Contact details

  • Links to your social media accounts

If your collection is open to the public, you can include information about:

  • Opening hours

  • On-site facilities

  • Admission charges

If you have published object records, your account profile will automatically allow the public to:

  • Search within your collection

  • Explore your collection by catalogue type

  • Explore your collection by object tag

Add your account profile details

Don't record any private information in these fields, as it will be publicly visible on eHive.

  1. Log in to My eHive.

  2. Select Settings from the menu.

  3. Select Account profile.

  4. Next to Account profile details, select Edit.

  5. In Public Profile Name, enter the full name of your organisation or the name you want the public to associate with your collection. For example, Springfield Regional Museum or William Smith Ceramic Collection. This name will appear on your account profile.

  6. In Short Name, enter a shortened version of the Public Profile Name. For example, W Smith Collection. The Short Name will appear in certain result views, and can be a maximum of 20 characters.

  7. Select your country and region.

  8. In About your collection, enter a description of your organisation and collection. This may include background and historic information or details about the scope of your collections. This description will appear at the top of your account profile page.

  9. In Collection strengths, select the strengths of your collection.

  10. In Contact details, enter this information: 

    • Postal address, phone number, email and website.

    • Addresses of your collection's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. These will display as linked icons on your account profile.

    • Staff details if applicable. You may wish to include information about key contact details for particular departments or positions within your organisation or collection. Don't enter information that compromises the privacy of staff members.

  11. In Visitor information, enter this information:

    • Physical address

    • Hours of operation

    • Admission charges

  12. In Facilities, select the facilities you have available for visitors. These will display as facilities icons on your account profile.

  13. Click Save.

Add an image to your account profile

  1. Select Settings from the menu.

  2. Select Account profile.

  3. Next to Account profile images, select Edit.

  4. Drag and drop an image into the Profile image upload box. Or click into the box to browse for an image on your computer. Your image should be no less than 1000 pixels along the longest side. Once selected, your image will be automatically uploaded to your account.

Note: If you have multiple account profile images, the one that appears at the top will be the first image. You can reorder your profile images using the Up and Down buttons, or use the Delete button to remove any images that are no longer required.

Add your location

  1. Select Settings from the menu.

  2. Select Account profile.

  3. Next to Account profile location, select Edit.

  4. Enter your address in the Address field then select Generate geocode.

    • Your latitude and longitude will be automatically entered and your location will appear on the map.

    • If the map is not an accurate representation of your location, you can override the latitude and longitude.

    • You can also adjust the zoom level of the map.

  5. When you're satisfied with the map, select Save.