Add and edit documents

Learn how to manage documents in eHive.

Document format and size

  • You can add PDF documents to records in eHive.

  • PDFs must be under 200MB in size.

Add a document to a record

  1. Log in to My eHive.

  2. Open the record.

  3. Under Tools, click Edit PDF files.

  4. In the PDF File Upload area, drag and drop your file, or click to browse for a file on your computer or device.

    • It may take a few seconds or minutes to process depending on the size of the file.

    • You can add up to 20 PDF files at a time.

  5. Optional: To change the default caption, then next to the PDF, select Edit.

You can leave this page as soon as you have finished. eHive will continue uploading the files in the background after you leave this page.

Reorder documents

  1. Go to the record.

  2. Under Tools, click Edit PDF files.

  3. Under Order, use the Up and Down arrows to move documents up or down.

Delete a document

  1. Go to the record.

  2. Under Tools, select Edit PDF files.

  3. Next to the PDF, select Delete.