Log in with email address instead of eHive ID

We are swapping eHive ID for email address sign in. This means that instead of typing an eHive ID to log in to eHive you will use your email address. You can still have different people log in to eHive using the same email address and password.

Change your eHive ID login to email address login

  1. Go to the Log in page for eHive (my.ehive.com).

  2. Click on the eHive ID login tab.

  3. Enter your eHive ID and password and log in.

  4. On your dashboard, you will see a message.

    • If your email address is used in just one account

      Account details with a confirm your email address button at the bottom
      Click on the Confirm your email address button. Then click Confirm.

    • If your email address is used in more than one account

      Click on the connect accounts button to connect all of the listed accounts. Then click Confirm

  5. You will be redirected to the eHive log in page. Log in to eHive with your email address and your account password. If you have multiple accounts you will use the password of the account you had last logged into.