Field Help

eHive's Field Help documents all of the available fields in object and acquisition records. Each entry includes the following information:

Name (and description)

The name of the field as it appears in the create screen and a short summary of the field's intended purpose.

Field Type

Whether it is a Text, Number, Pick List or Global Term field. See the Help topic on Different Types of Fields for information on using these fields.

Field Length The number of characters you can enter in the field.
Publication Status

Whether the information you enter in the field will be publicly visible on a published record, or private and only visible to you when you are logged into your account.

Internal Field Name

The name the system uses to identify fields. Internal Field Names can be used to conduct field searches.

Search Alias

A shortened name we have assigned some fields in order to simplify common field searches.

Where to find it

Which tab(s) of the Create screen the field is on.