Inscription and marks

The Inscription and marks field records anything written or stamped on the object, including signatures, patent numbers, and maker's marks.

Field details

Public field
inscription is the field ID
Text field with1,000 character limit
Detail tab in the object cataloguing page (but not for natural science records)

Cataloguing tips

Record any maker marks, signatures and other inscriptions on the object.

Use your judgment to assess the relevance of the inscription. Avoid recording irrelevant detail.

Note the method and placement of the inscription, and then enter the inscription in single quotes.

For example:

Inside external case in black pen below the lace up ties: 'J.C. McFarlane 137552 WY9342'

Inside internal case in black pen below the lace up ties: 'WY9342'

If there is a mistake in the original text, enter it exactly as it appears but add [sic] next to the mistake. If you know the correct term, enter it after the mistake in square brackets.

For example:

Duncraigan [sic Duncraigen]

Search tips

You can search on this field with:


For example, enter inscription: “Crown Lynn” into the search field to find all objects stamped with the Crown Lynn maker’s mark.