Report types

You can create three types of report: PDF, CSV, and XML.

PDF report

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDF reports present your data in a clear, easy-to-read format.

There are three types of PDF report, and all can include images.

1. Detail report

Includes all fields on the detailed view of an object record.

2. Inventory report

Includes location details in a table format so you can inventory your collection. Fields available are:

  • Object Number

  • Name/Title

  • Current Location

  • Location Notes

3. Summary report

Includes the following fields:

  • Name/Title

  • Maker

  • Date Made

  • Object Number

Image sizes

  • Normal: Lower quality thumbnail images, smaller file size.

  • High Res: High resolution images, larger file size.

CSV report

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. CSV reports can be used in other applications.

There are three types of CSV reports:

1. Core report

Includes the key descriptive information for a record, such as:

  • Object Number

  • Name

  • Maker

  • Brief Description

  • Location

2. Detail report

Includes all fields.

3. Public report

Includes only the fields which the public can view when a record is published.

Delimiter options for repeating fields

A delimiter is a character that is indicates the beginning or end of a string of data.

You can choose how fields with multiple entries are delimited (separated) in the CSV file. For example, if an object record has three entries in the Subject and Association Keywords field, you may want these separated by commas.

  • Comma: a comma will appear between each entry in the field.

  • Pipe (|): a vertical bar will appear between each entry in the field.

  • New Line: each entry in the field will be on a new line.

  • HTML break: an HTML break tag ( <br/> ) will appear between each entry in the field.

eHive XML report

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML reports export your records in a structured format that can imported into other software systems.

All fields from each selected record will be included in the report.