Valuation fields for object records

You can record details about an object's value on the Valuations tab of the object cataloguing page.

Valuation history

The valuation history section allows you to enter detailed valuation information. For example, the type of valuation, when it was done, or who did it.

You can add multiple valuations by selecting Add another set. This allows you to store details about changes in valuations of objects over time. You can select Reorder to arrange the valuation sets in chronological order.

The valuation history fields are:

Latest valuations

You can enter latest valuation data in two ways:

  • You can manually enter data into the latest valuation fields.

  • Or you can calculate the latest valuation from the data in the valuation history fields. When you update the valuation history fields, eHive will ask if you want to update the latest valuation.

The latest valuation fields are: