View your plan and usage

Get details of your current plan, usage, and subscription.

Go to your plan and usage

  1. Log in to My eHive.

  2. Select Settings from the menu.

  3. Select Plan and usage.

View your account details

Under Account, you can see your:

  • Current plan (Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum)

  • Account sign-up date

  • Subscription start date

  • Subscription expiry date

View the number of records, files, and reports

Under Records, you can see the number of:

  • Records added

  • Images added

  • PDF files added

  • Records disabled

  • Images disabled

  • PDf files disabled

Under Reports, you can see the number of reports.

View your current usage

Under Current usage, you can see how much storage you have used, and how much is available. This is shown in megabytes (MB).

You can see storage used by:

  • Images

  • Images disabled

  • Files

  • Files disabled

  • Reports

We'll let you know when you near the storage limit of your plan. All admin users will receive an email when your plan's storage capacity reaches 90%, 99%, and 100%.

View your history

Under History, you can see your:

  • Account usage history

  • Plan and subscription history

  • Billing email address and history