Create a report

How to create a report of your object records.


  1. Log in to My eHive.

  2. Find the records that you would like to report on.

    • To create a report of a single object record, open the record.

    • To create a report for all objects in your collection, go to your Dashboard. Under Records, select Total object records.

    • To create a report on a subset of records, search for those records first.

  3. Select Create Report.

  4. On the Create object record report page, in the Report Title field, enter a report title.

  5. Select a Report Type.

  6. Select Request Report. Depending on the size of your report, it may take a few minutes to generate.

  7. When the report is generated, a notification will appear on Reports in the menu. Select this notification.

  8. On the Report Downloads page, find your report and select Download.