Add an image

Image format and size

You can upload images to eHive in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP formats.

Each image should be 200MB or less. Large images will use up the storage available in your plan more quickly.

Ideally the images should be at least 1000 pixels along the longest side. This is because all images in eHive can be accessed in a larger detailed view.

Image storage

When you upload an image, the file size of the image is added to your Account Usage. The amount of storage you use determines your account level. You can use imaging programs or bulk resizer to downsize your images before uploading them. This will use less of your storage space in eHive.

Audio and Video

eHive does not currently support uploading audio or video files. However, it is possible to store an audio or video clip elsewhere (for example, on a free site like Vimeo, AudioBoom, YouTube, or on your institution’s own web server) and link to it from your object record on eHive. This link is created using HTML anchor tags.


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