Invite a user

Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans can invite users to their account. There are three types of user role:

  • Admin: full access to the account.

  • Curator: cataloguer for the account, can't change account settings.

  • Viewer: read-only access to the account.

You can invite as many users as you want, but you can only have your plan's limit as active users. If you need to replace your admin, you can transfer the admin role to another person.

Invite a user

  1. Go to Settings menu > Users.

  2. Click on the Invite user link in the Tools menu.

  3. Add the name and email address of the new user.

  4. Choose their user role:

    • Admin: Can access all functions in eHive (allowed for their plans).

    • Curator: Can view, create, edit and delete records. Can't change settings, edit account details, or delete records in the recycle bin.

    • Viewer: Can view all records, search, and create reports.Can't create, edit or delete records, and can't change settings or account details.

  5. Click the Invite user button.

  6. They will receive an email where they accept or decline your request.

  7. When they click on the accept link:

    • They will be logged in if they are already an eHive user.

    • They will be able to set their password if they are not an eHive user.

Once a user is invited and has accepted, they are added to your active users. You can see you Active users by going to the Settings menu > Users > Active users.

You can edit a user by clicking on their name and then clicking the change link next to their Name, Email Address, or User role.