When you create an eHive account, you also create a user profile. Every eHive account has at least one user. The Silver plan (and higher) can have more users.

Each user profile has its own login details (email address and password). Many people can log into and share a user profile. There is no limit to how many individual people can use your eHive account at the same time.

Users must belong to a user role, there are three options:

  • Admin

    • Can access all functions in eHive (that are available on your plan).

  • Curator

    • Can view, create, edit and delete records.

    • Can't change settings, edit account details, or delete records in the recycle bin.

  • Viewer

    • Can view all records, search, and create reports.

    • Can't create, edit or delete records, and can't change settings or account details.

Every account has to have an admin user, so if you have only one user, you are the admin.


You can edit your user profile at any time.