Link to another website

You can add a link to a website from your object record. While eHive does not currently support uploading audio or video files, you can link to it from your object record on eHive. Simply store an audio or video clip elsewhere (for example, on a free site like Vimeo, AudioBoom, YouTube or on your institution's own web server) and create an HTML anchor tag.

Using HTML anchor tags

You can use HTML anchor tags in the Public Description (About this object) field of your object records.

For example, the following record includes a link to a Wikipedia page which provides information about the object's manufacturer:

Vase; Carlton Ware (estab. 1890)

The link in this record was created by entering the following text in the Create screen of the object record:

<a href="" target="_blank">Carlton Ware</a>

How to add a link to your record

  1. Open the object record you would like to add your link to.

  2. Enter your link in the Public Description field using the following format:

    <a href="Website URL"target="_blank">Display Text</a>

    Website URL is the address of the web page you would like to link to, such as

    Display Text is the text you would like to display as a clickable link.

  3. When you have finished editing your record, click Save.