Types of fields

Learn about pick list, text, date, number, public, and private fields.

Pick list fields

You can pick from a list of standard terms in pick list fields. Pick lists keep your data consistent.

For more information, see Pick lists.

Text fields

You can enter words, numbers and symbols into text fields.

To check the character limit for a field, see Field help.

eHive does not check your spelling. We suggest you install a spell checker on your browser.

Date fields

You can enter words and numbers into date fields.

You can record either precise dates (1 June 1964) or imprecise dates (March 1990, or 20th Century).

Number fields

You can only enter numbers into number fields.

All number fields allow at least 2 decimal places, except the Item Count field (whole numbers only). Any additional information about currency can be recorded in an associated notes field.

Public and private fields

Fields in eHive can be public or private.

  • Public fields are visible to everyone who visits eHive. They’re grouped on the Public tab. See the list of Public fields for object records.

  • Private fields are only visible to you when you’re logged in, even if the record is public. You can record information like acquisition sources and valuations in private fields.

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