Create a record

How to create a new object record and catalogue the information.


  1. Log in to My eHive.

  2. Select Create from the menu.

  3. Choose the catalogue type. This setting is permanent. You can choose from:

    • Archives
    • Archaeology
    • Art
    • History
    • Library
    • Natural Science
    • Photography and Multimedia
  4. On the object cataloguing page, enter information into the relevant fields on each tab. You don’t have to complete every field. The tabs are:

    • Detail fields
    • Core fields
    • Public fields
    • Acquisition fields
    • Administration fields
    • Conservation fields
    • Valuation fields
  5. Select Save Draft or Save. If you save the record, you can choose to publish the record to eHive or keep it private.
  6. Select your publish options. You can publish to eHive or keep the record private. You can publish the record to a community if you belong to one. To change your default publishing option, see Record and file settings.

  7. Select OK.

Your object record is created.

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