Cataloguing is the process of adding records to eHive for the objects in your collection. Get help with creating, editing, and publishing object records.

Cataloguing guides

Cataloguing standards for Project Ark and eHive

Small Museums Cataloguing Manual (PDF) from Museums Australia (Victoria)

A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images (PDF) from CCO commons.

Object records

Creating and publishing records

Create an object record

Prepare your images

Add an image

Add a document

Save and publish an object record

Create a similar object record

View your object records

Changing records

Edit an object record

Make an object record private

Change the catalogue type

Removing records

Delete an object record

Restore an object record


Types of fields

Pick lists

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Valuation fields

Location fields

Field help A-Z

Rights and permissions

Updating rights

Rights types available in eHive

Cultural permissions

Other record types

Acquisition records